December 11, 2009

I'm baaaack.....!!

It's been a really long time since I last posted. A really, really, really long time. And so much has happened, like life and stuff, since I last posted. But - it's time to jump back in! I stopped for a while because blogging can seem so ego-driven / naval-gazing at times, know...I think I just like doing it! Or, I should say, I'd like to start doing it again. My nonsensical posts seem to sometimes be the most popular, comment-wise, even, so....yeah. It's me. Blogging.

Are any of my old readers still out there? Am I popping up on your Google Readers once again? If so, please holler. If not, I'm going to come hunt you down!

Mini update: I've decided that Mr. Chips is a noble statesman and am making him a miniature top hat.