April 24, 2008

Fischerspooner - "The 15th"

Me love this song long time. And, I just made a decision: I will be DJing an event very soon because it's so fun to dance and it's even more fun to dance when I am the DJ... I miss the double-decker 2236 house party days!

April 09, 2008

Googly Eyes - WEIRD!!

As most of you know, I recently acquired a big bag of various-sized googly eyes to stick on objects in my house (plants included). The idea? Well, I didn't want to do it to make anything less "scary," but I thought it'd be fun to bring some things (fridge, dashboard, plant pot, fork) to life by sticking some eyes on them. Now, I'm thinking Saturday Night Live might be bugging my place for content ideas...because check it (original airing - 4/5/08):

Coconut Records - Nighttiming

...ok, so holy f-ing miniature madness! Not only do I really like the Coconut Records song "West Coast," but this just in: the album cover for Nighttiming makes use of a dollhouse bedroom shot! I'm so glad I see Mr. Schwartzman at the IAC Peet's all the time. He will be hearing from me soon. Props to the minis! Mini Love!

Pocket of Love: Coconut Records - "West Coast"

I don't know when I went musically soft, but it's definitely happened because I've been listening to Coconut Record's "West Coast" on repeat all morning. I mean, in high school in the NW, I was all punk and riot grrrrl. Now, I'm bopping to sugary pop about sweet, lovely notions and hand holding (which, I guess is how I like to roll). Lately I've been listening to a lot of totally emo stuff (shoegaze, ethereal) and blowing snot rags. I guess it's all about what makes your insides sparkle, and right now I'm completely digging this tune. Check it out....[read: Jason Schwartzman's new MO].