March 20, 2008

Happy Spring Equinox!

I was home sick today (again), and I'm pretty sure I will be tomorrow too, but even in my weakened, woozy state.. I'm still totally amped about spring. This year, I think my somewhat-ghetto, urban, LA garden (yes, I weed out more Thai takeout menus than actual, um, weeds) will feature: a melange of tomato varieties, bouquets of basil, perhaps some leeks and, and, and...still more mulling to do.

Things in general are looking rather springy lately. I have a couple of projects in the works (more details when there's actually something to report) and I'm feeling rather creative and perky. I'm also in the midst of some serious spring cleaning: mind, body and closet. In addition to being five days in to a 30-day detox, I have two-and-counting garbage bags filled with stuff to sell at my annual Garage-B-Q (garage sale / BBQ). Spring is good. Starting fresh.

Now..if I could just kick this damn cold!


Gayla Trail said...
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HunterWelch said...

Love the daffodil photo. I agree Spring is a time of fresh starts. Clensing body & soul and cleaning out stuff is all good. We are doing the same!! Good luck with the BBQ / yard sale!!