March 26, 2008

The Avalon Cleanse: Day 11

I am on day 11 of a 30-day cleanse. A friend of mine mentioned chronicling the "ins and outs" (literally) of the process might make for some interesting reading, so although doing this daily seems a bit arduous, I will be posting cleanse-related updates from time to time.

For fans of the nonsensical oddities typically getting air time on here, do not let your peepers get moist--I still plan to pepper the blogspot with some POHs and POLs over the next month, too.

To start, some background: I met with holistic nutritionist (and, I discovered, fellow Eastern Washingtonian!) Rachel Avalon earlier this month for a one-hour, pre-cleanse consultation.

How did I find Rachel?

Well, a former coworker of mine is the founder of Chill Out LA. They featured The Avalon Cleanse in one of their recent newsletters and it piqued my interest.

I have tried other liver detoxes in the past, but so many require you to restrict what you eat so much so that it's entirely impossible to manage while working and attempting to carry on a normal (and somewhat energy-filled) life. The fact that this cleanse didn't restrict calories, only what types of foods you consume, was attractive (and more realistic) to me. So, I met with Rachel. Oh, and I handed her $275 in cash.

At the time, I was still taking various medications, so she recommended that I get off of those first, before starting the cleanse... as well as kicking caffeine to the curb.

So, after much prep work, here I am. Eleven days in.

Day 11 is important because it's Day 1 of Phase 2 (each phase lasts 10 days). Starting today, I'm officially vegan (for the next 20 days; the final 10 are raw and blended foods only). I was vegetarian for the first 10, so it's been awhile since I've eaten anything that used to walk. And, I feel great! Well, I have been battling a serious sinus infection for the past week and a half, which has been making parts of me feel like crud, but in general (skin, energy, pep) I'm feeling top notch. Oh, and Day 11 is also the first of many days where I need to take "power herbs." I essentially just drank some weird traveling medicine show-style elixir that tasted, um, interesting. And, it had wormwood in it, so I think I might actually be high. And, I'm at work. Yes. Interesting.

Once I completely kick the cold, I will be stirring more exercise into the mix, too... which is when things will really start to become "transformational."

So, that's that...... totally riveting I know.

Please, raise your water bottles with me, and give a toast to "spring cleaning."

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