February 26, 2008

The Stair Chair: A Montage

In honor of that fact that I apparently just severely injured myself reaching for a paper towel (seriously, I can't move my neck), I bring you: The Stair Chair.

I don't know what the deal with the guy in the last photo is, but that fucker is intense! That's some serious 4x4 stair-wheelchair action. BTW, does anyone watch "Ninja Warrior"? Arguably one of the best TV shows of all time. But, I digress...

February 25, 2008

Pocket of Hate: Turquoise Cars

Why is it that every time you see a turquoise car on the road it's doing something wacky? Like driving painstakingly slow, swerving, etc.. And, they're always beat up. You don't see a turquoise-tinged car without at least one or two dents, if not an entire panel wiped out. All I know is: When I see any sort of aqua-colored car, I watch the fuck out.

I am slightly intrigued by the buyers of these cars too. I mean.. who walks onto a lot (new or used) and gets sucked into the turquoise purchase? Whether matte or metallic, all options are just unacceptable. Hate. Hate. Hate. (Vintage car models that are light blue / aqua are excluded from this post.)

February 14, 2008

Which is Creepier?

Please. Can the 2 to 10 people that may or may not read this blog on occasion please weigh in on the following:

Which is creepier? The New Year's Baby or the Cupid Baby? I have my opinion all ready to dish, but I don't want to influence anyone's leanings, so I will save my thoughts until the end. Or, until I've waited long enough for no one to officially respond. [Note to Mike Peck: Now I know you're reading, buddy...cough up some bills from that chain wallet already.]

February 08, 2008

Pocket of Hate: The Under-Shaved Top Ponytail

...I'm looking for a picture on Google images to help illustrate my hate, but I'm having little to no luck. A dude with this 'do was bopping his head at the Silverlake Lounge the other night, but it was too dark for me to capture with my celly camera. But, the hatred was boiling. Although, I was partly impressed with the gall (read: Steven Seagal) of it all. If he were rocking an eight-ball leather jacket too, I would have fainted.

February 07, 2008


The room was brightly lit; florescence ricocheting off of hand-painted gold headphones. Alcohol was scarce--it was supposedly BYOB. My fingers were shoved deep into my coat pockets, fidgeting with and clinking two airplane bottles of Bushmills.

February 04, 2008

Mattress Store Experiments With Non-Blowout Sale

The Onion

Mattress Store Experiments With Non-Blowout Sale

RICHMOND, VA—Customers were assured they would get a pretty good deal on a brand-name mattress. Not an out-of-this-world, unheard-of deal. But pretty good.