December 05, 2007

Pocket of Hate: Park La Brea

The following IM conversation says it all, really.

[11:43] Nancy: so - park la brea freaks me out
[11:43] Nancy: i got trapped inside a week ago
[11:43] Keith Wagstaff: My former compound!
[11:43] Nancy: how ever did you manage to live there???
[11:44] Keith Wagstaff: It's a strange, strange place.
[11:44] Nancy: it's a freakish little microcosm of oddity
[11:44] Nancy: i felt like i fell down a rabbit hole
[11:44] Nancy: and no amount of drugs would ever help me escape the surrealism
[11:45] Nancy: i need to know more about this place
[11:45] Keith Wagstaff: It's an incredibly complicated network of directions to visitors was impossible.
[11:45] Nancy: maybe i'll set up a conference call
[11:45] Keith Wagstaff: Well, every morning there are lots of old Asian people doing tai-chi
[11:45] Nancy: HAHAHAHAHA
[11:45] Nancy: yes - i did notice quite a few humans of asian decent within the walls
[11:47] Keith Wagstaff: It's also filled with lots and lots of Asian families. We got an apartment there because it was fairly cheap for the huge amount of space we got. I actually really liked my apartment, the only problem is that the gigantic buildings feel very impersonal and we never really talked to anyone in our building
[11:47] Nancy: yeah - well, after being inside...
[11:47] Nancy: i now know there are 2 distinct types of people in LA
[11:47] Nancy: those that have been inside park la brea and those that haven't
[11:48] Nancy: and those that have been inside, can never really explain what it's like to an outsider
[11:48] Keith Wagstaff: Haha. I think there is something like 10,000 people who live there...we were like the Borg
[11:48] Nancy: because no words can adequately describe it
[11:48] Nancy: hahahaha
[11:48] Nancy: did you know the only Borg that ever had emotion was named Hugh?
[11:49] Nancy: classic episode
[11:49] Keith Wagstaff: Hugh? What kind of Borg name is that?
[11:49] Nancy: i know - how random is that??
[11:49] Keith Wagstaff: Also, there's a weird facilities guy who talks to me in this office, and he made a borg joke while holding a package scanner next to my face. He's a strange man

The End.


Hugh said...

Overheard at the borg christmas party:

Hey, I'm Locutus, and this is my brother Hugh.

I'm sorry, what's your brother's name. Who?

Mallard said...

I heard a story once about this woman that lived in Park La Brea for a summer. She's no longer able to bear children.

LL said...

as your travel companion into the alter-universe that is park la brea, i just want to say that life hasn't quite been the same since we made it out of there: surreal dreams, strange voices in my head and a weird kicking sensation coming from my belly!

Satisfied '75 said...

oh man, Park Le Brea succcks. In fact , Im not into that general area of LA. Snoozeville.

Keith said...

I hear it calling to me even now ... come, return Keith. Return to the land of the Borg ...