November 26, 2007

Someday My Prints Will Come...

First of all, I hope no one listened to me earlier and tried to use Citysearch to find a movie, because that shit is all jacked up still. Today, Beowolf wasn't listed as a movie currently in theaters, but you could find Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

It would be kind of random and cool to develop a movie time machine, where you could find out where, for example, E.T. was playing in '82. There has to be some sort of value in that, right? Well, I wish Citysearch thought so, because that's the product I developed.

So, until the technology team figures out what is going on with some sort of weak-ass data migration (flying south for the winter) issue, amuse yourself with the Amazingly Incredible Instant Citysearch Movie Trailer Machine.

Secondly, I was just looking at tonight's waning gibbous moon, and I noticed a really bright "star" just to the right of it that's so sparkly I'm thinking it must be a planet. Maybe Mars? I'm going to search online to see if I'm right. Maybe. Regardless, it's neat.

And finally, the title of this post...

I called my Uncle Ed on Thanksgiving to wish him well. My Uncle Ed rules. He tends to only speak in pun, literally, so every conversation is extremely entertaining. This time, he promptly asked me if I had a new boyfriend yet. I said no. So, he gave me some advice. He recommended that I hang out around a photo lab because, "someday my prints will come." LOL.



Matt said...

I'll have you know that I programmed that fine and dandy instant trailer machine doohicky. Yes, me. The data is mine, I say.

I hope it works. I haven't actually played with it. Hmmm...

Jason said...

That's a fine slice of 20th century humor!

(You can tell him that in the 21st century we meet amazing people near restrooms!)