November 29, 2007


Someone at work just said to me: "You have the eating habits of an 80-year-old, eccentric millionaire."


Sara said...
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It's those damn enchiladas I'm betting. I adore your commitment to them; it takes a stronger woman than me to eat the same thing every damn day.

I read somewhere that Albert Einstein had like 100 of the same suit - and wore them everyday - geniuses have way more important things to think about than "fashion"

On that tip I prefer to think of you as a genius who clearly has too many other important things to think about other than the lunch time selection.

Besides that - there's nothing interesting around our office - so in theory you're eating the same crap everyday - subway, ta-ka, mirabelle, Pie and that awful "Ezo" place.

viva la Trader Joes Enchiladas