November 15, 2007

Mini Chariot!!

Everyone has to read this mini-horse article. A woman. Living in an apartment. Is arguing with her landlord. Because it's essential that she be allowed to keep her miniature horse in her apartment. Why? So that it can pull her wheelchair around, of course. Like, have you ever heard of a rascal lady?! What about a jazzy?! Those bitches can turn on a dime. But no.. This woman needs her miniature horse, Earl, to pull her like a chariot. This has to be one of the most outrageously rad stories I've heard in a long time. I love it! I mean, why not? Why not have a miniature horse pull your wheelchair? It makes complete sense to me. I mean, it's an outrage that, as the article states, "the apartment complex has no place to graze a horse." Why the fuck not?! That should be a standard amenity required for all apartment complexes. I think the landlord's concerns -- "horse droppings, hay storage and lack of grazing space" -- are completely outlandish, really.

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