November 19, 2007

I Love Felt

I went to the Felt Club holiday bazaar on Sunday. I love felt. It's just so super cozy. I bought a funny little bear made out of felt. He's smiling. He looks exactly like the bear in the picture, except he's happy. He is now perched atop my dresser.

I fondly remember felt board stories from elementary school library visits. Where characters like kings, dragons, bunnies and frogs were cut out of felt and slapped onto a felt-lined easel to pictorially accompany the tale being told. It's been awhile since I've graced an elementary school library, but I bet those felt-board story times have been replaced by more techno-savvy displays. I wonder if kids today would even find a felt board story entertaining, since nothing blinks or flashes?? I hope so. I bet cool kids would like it. Maybe it's time for a felt revival.

I own a bunch of felt. I like to make little holiday ornaments out of it. And, pillows. And little felt pockets to stow away little treasures. Or, I did. This is inspiring me to bust out my sewing machine and get back to it.

If anyone is interested in buying plush food items (of course you are!), a lot of which are made with felt, you should stop by the Munky King on Melrose now through December 2. They are featuring a plush food show called "Stuffed," and it should be pretty swell.

Oh, I also stopped by the Bicycle Kitchen on Sunday, and slurped on a pistachio and rosewater milkshake from nearby Scoops. The fact that the Bicycle Kitchen exists makes me really happy. And, Scoops too.

I love felt.

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Matthew said...

So crazy. I, too, went to Scoops this weekend. I had peanut butter and lemon ice cream. I couldn't finish it. Too much for my simple tastes. Your shake sounds yummy though.