November 20, 2007

Go to the Movies! on Citysearch

I've been working on relaunching the Citysearch movies pages for what seems like eons and eons. Well, the new pages finally went live today! What's kinda ironic is that I don't go to the movies all that often. In fact, the only three movies I've seen in the theaters in 2007 are: Music and Lyrics, Transformers and The Bourne Supremacy. And, I don't even rent movies. And, I don't have cable, which means no TV.

But, I have been watching this awesome BBC series on DVD lately: Planet Earth. I'm only on Disc 2, but I already highly recommend it. Disc 1 highlights: wild dogs chasing impalas (sniff!), baby polar bears playing in the snow (awww!), funny rainforest birds doing rad mating dances (wtf?!), Great Whites chomping on sea lions in aerial slo-mo (double sniff!) and ELEPHANTS SWIMMING (badass!)! Disc 2,'s a bit rough so far. It's about caves, which do have amazing, crystalline rock formations and stuff, but the glo-worms and bat guano shots--I could have done without.

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