November 12, 2007


I made a delicious cauldron of homemade chicken soup yesterday. It felt so homey and wonderful to prepare a big pot o soup, all slow-cooked and simmery in my crock pot. I invited the neighbors up for a ladle or two. So neighborly and Momma Hen of me. That's how I roll.

First, I roasted a 5 lb. chicken that was slathered with a mixture of butter and fresh rosemary, thyme, sage, salt and pepper. [The chicken was stuffed with garlic, onions and more herbals, too...] Then, I pulled all the meat off and dropped it into my already simmering brew of chicken broth, herbs, onions and carrots. Oh, and I added some whole-grain rice to the mix, too. And a ton of minced garlic. And a lot of love.

I plan on making many more soups this winter. Next up is either lentil or split pea. Mmmmmmm..................................SOUP IN MY CROCK!

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Matthew said...

I love Rosemary. And also love. Both of those are my favorite ingredients.