November 13, 2007

Buy This Cookbook!! (if you want to)

Even though the woman pictured on the cover looks like she either wants to eat you, or spank you with that big, wooden spoon, I swear this cookbook rules. And, you don't even have to be a strict vegetarian to love it. It kinda has an old-school, antiquated style to it, which is partially why I dig it. And, it's pretty sizable, so you can always use it to squash bugs if any creepy crawlies take up residency in your house.

Recipe Pick: Red lentil soup w/ rice, yogurt and spinach swirled in. [My buddy Liz introduced me to this dish back in the winter of 2002. Props.]

Oh. And if you don't know how to cook, or even if you kinda do, but want a cool idea for a fun night out, sign up for a Hipcooks class. I've taken a few, and am most likely going to start assistant teaching there soon. It's really fun. And, Hipcooks gift certificates make rad holiday gifts.

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