November 29, 2007


Someone at work just said to me: "You have the eating habits of an 80-year-old, eccentric millionaire."

November 26, 2007


I was right. You can see Mars tonight. Shining brightly alongside the moon. Read this web post for more info.

At Burning Man this year, I saw several meteor showers and a total eclipse, not to mention several beautiful, starry-filled night skies. I love gazing at the stars... Ok. I'm going to stop before I start discussing: the astral plane, dream catchers and the crystalline rocks buried deep in the earth beneath my house, and so on...

Good night.

Someday My Prints Will Come...

First of all, I hope no one listened to me earlier and tried to use Citysearch to find a movie, because that shit is all jacked up still. Today, Beowolf wasn't listed as a movie currently in theaters, but you could find Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

It would be kind of random and cool to develop a movie time machine, where you could find out where, for example, E.T. was playing in '82. There has to be some sort of value in that, right? Well, I wish Citysearch thought so, because that's the product I developed.

So, until the technology team figures out what is going on with some sort of weak-ass data migration (flying south for the winter) issue, amuse yourself with the Amazingly Incredible Instant Citysearch Movie Trailer Machine.

Secondly, I was just looking at tonight's waning gibbous moon, and I noticed a really bright "star" just to the right of it that's so sparkly I'm thinking it must be a planet. Maybe Mars? I'm going to search online to see if I'm right. Maybe. Regardless, it's neat.

And finally, the title of this post...

I called my Uncle Ed on Thanksgiving to wish him well. My Uncle Ed rules. He tends to only speak in pun, literally, so every conversation is extremely entertaining. This time, he promptly asked me if I had a new boyfriend yet. I said no. So, he gave me some advice. He recommended that I hang out around a photo lab because, "someday my prints will come." LOL.


November 21, 2007

Pocket of Hate: Car Wreaths

On Monday, on my way to work, I saw a VW bug with antlers. The owner had placed a plush antler on either side of the car, in what I'm assuming was an attempt to spread holiday cheer--in mid November. Or, maybe he just thought it was "cute"? I can't be sure. But, regardless, I hate it. And, I'm no grinch. I love decorating my house for the holidays. I love the smell of fresh pine, cinnamon candles and pies baking. I'm a total sucker for a lot of the holiday hubbub. But, I just can't get behind bringing the itch to decorate to the automobile. There's just something so in your face about putting a wreath on the front of your car, especially considering a significant percentage of the population could give two shits about Jesus and his being born and whatnot. It also places too much importance on the automobile, I think. Like, people really think their car is more than just a pile of metal that they need in order to shuttle their bums places that are too far to walk or bike to. It's as if their car is really just an extension of their home, and of who they are. So, of course it deserves a wreath, some antlers and perhaps a garland of tinsel or two. Well...I hate it.

And, sheesh...can it at least wait until December if it has to be done?

November 20, 2007

Go to the Movies! on Citysearch

I've been working on relaunching the Citysearch movies pages for what seems like eons and eons. Well, the new pages finally went live today! What's kinda ironic is that I don't go to the movies all that often. In fact, the only three movies I've seen in the theaters in 2007 are: Music and Lyrics, Transformers and The Bourne Supremacy. And, I don't even rent movies. And, I don't have cable, which means no TV.

But, I have been watching this awesome BBC series on DVD lately: Planet Earth. I'm only on Disc 2, but I already highly recommend it. Disc 1 highlights: wild dogs chasing impalas (sniff!), baby polar bears playing in the snow (awww!), funny rainforest birds doing rad mating dances (wtf?!), Great Whites chomping on sea lions in aerial slo-mo (double sniff!) and ELEPHANTS SWIMMING (badass!)! Disc 2,'s a bit rough so far. It's about caves, which do have amazing, crystalline rock formations and stuff, but the glo-worms and bat guano shots--I could have done without.

November 19, 2007

I Love Felt

I went to the Felt Club holiday bazaar on Sunday. I love felt. It's just so super cozy. I bought a funny little bear made out of felt. He's smiling. He looks exactly like the bear in the picture, except he's happy. He is now perched atop my dresser.

I fondly remember felt board stories from elementary school library visits. Where characters like kings, dragons, bunnies and frogs were cut out of felt and slapped onto a felt-lined easel to pictorially accompany the tale being told. It's been awhile since I've graced an elementary school library, but I bet those felt-board story times have been replaced by more techno-savvy displays. I wonder if kids today would even find a felt board story entertaining, since nothing blinks or flashes?? I hope so. I bet cool kids would like it. Maybe it's time for a felt revival.

I own a bunch of felt. I like to make little holiday ornaments out of it. And, pillows. And little felt pockets to stow away little treasures. Or, I did. This is inspiring me to bust out my sewing machine and get back to it.

If anyone is interested in buying plush food items (of course you are!), a lot of which are made with felt, you should stop by the Munky King on Melrose now through December 2. They are featuring a plush food show called "Stuffed," and it should be pretty swell.

Oh, I also stopped by the Bicycle Kitchen on Sunday, and slurped on a pistachio and rosewater milkshake from nearby Scoops. The fact that the Bicycle Kitchen exists makes me really happy. And, Scoops too.

I love felt.

November 15, 2007

Mini Chariot!!

Everyone has to read this mini-horse article. A woman. Living in an apartment. Is arguing with her landlord. Because it's essential that she be allowed to keep her miniature horse in her apartment. Why? So that it can pull her wheelchair around, of course. Like, have you ever heard of a rascal lady?! What about a jazzy?! Those bitches can turn on a dime. But no.. This woman needs her miniature horse, Earl, to pull her like a chariot. This has to be one of the most outrageously rad stories I've heard in a long time. I love it! I mean, why not? Why not have a miniature horse pull your wheelchair? It makes complete sense to me. I mean, it's an outrage that, as the article states, "the apartment complex has no place to graze a horse." Why the fuck not?! That should be a standard amenity required for all apartment complexes. I think the landlord's concerns -- "horse droppings, hay storage and lack of grazing space" -- are completely outlandish, really.

November 14, 2007

Pocket of Hate: Sandra Tsing Loh

If anyone out there listens to 89.3 FM (KPCC), you probably already agree. Her segment on KPCC is called "The Loh Life" or "The Loh Down on Science" or some other equally nauseating use of her last name. AND IT SUCKS. Her delivery is annoying. She tries to be funny and she's not. It's just really bad. I don't even know if I can explain it adequately. You might just have to tune in. That's all.

[To my fans: Sorry to disappoint with no Pocket of Hate last week. One thing I kinda hate is having to write on self-imposed deadlines.]

November 13, 2007

Buy This Cookbook!! (if you want to)

Even though the woman pictured on the cover looks like she either wants to eat you, or spank you with that big, wooden spoon, I swear this cookbook rules. And, you don't even have to be a strict vegetarian to love it. It kinda has an old-school, antiquated style to it, which is partially why I dig it. And, it's pretty sizable, so you can always use it to squash bugs if any creepy crawlies take up residency in your house.

Recipe Pick: Red lentil soup w/ rice, yogurt and spinach swirled in. [My buddy Liz introduced me to this dish back in the winter of 2002. Props.]

Oh. And if you don't know how to cook, or even if you kinda do, but want a cool idea for a fun night out, sign up for a Hipcooks class. I've taken a few, and am most likely going to start assistant teaching there soon. It's really fun. And, Hipcooks gift certificates make rad holiday gifts.

November 12, 2007


I made a delicious cauldron of homemade chicken soup yesterday. It felt so homey and wonderful to prepare a big pot o soup, all slow-cooked and simmery in my crock pot. I invited the neighbors up for a ladle or two. So neighborly and Momma Hen of me. That's how I roll.

First, I roasted a 5 lb. chicken that was slathered with a mixture of butter and fresh rosemary, thyme, sage, salt and pepper. [The chicken was stuffed with garlic, onions and more herbals, too...] Then, I pulled all the meat off and dropped it into my already simmering brew of chicken broth, herbs, onions and carrots. Oh, and I added some whole-grain rice to the mix, too. And a ton of minced garlic. And a lot of love.

I plan on making many more soups this winter. Next up is either lentil or split pea. Mmmmmmm..................................SOUP IN MY CROCK!