October 17, 2007

Powder the Rabbit: Part One

As promised, here's the first Powder the Rabbit installment from "The Gabe." He really loved this rabbit and claims he was "the best pet ever." RIP Powder, RIP.

Powder was a rescue bunny, saved from an elementary school that was going to feed him to a large python. He was a Florida White--a short, stocky, stout breed of rabbit, generally used in labs for experiments.

As his name implies, he was all white, with blue eyes and was cute as could be. He had a somewhat playful personality with a little stubbornness thrown in. Sounds like someone I know--they say pets are reflections of their owners, or is it that owners are reflections of their pets?

I had him since he was about 2 months old. He was an adorable ball of bunny fur. He had plenty of energy and was very hard to catch when it was time for him to go back to his cage--if he hadn't gone on his own free will already. Usually I'd end up just leaving the cage open to let him go in and out at will.

He lived in large cage. Well, as large as I could fit in my condo. When I'd get home from work I would let him out to roam around and do bunny things. Hopefully not poop--which happened more often than not. No big deal.

One thing I learned: rabbits/bunnies are high maintenance animals....

Check back for more on Powder soon. And, please grace my guest author with a comment or two.

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