October 20, 2007

Apartment Composting 101

I got my old composting bin back up and running today. The last time I tried to compost, my roommates were tossing in McDonald's leftovers and other nappy shit. I'm hoping this time I can keep it clean and green.

It's really easy to compost, even if you're living in an apartment. The two types I've tried with my limited space are: the bin and the pit. The pit is the easiest. All you have to do, really, is just find an out-of-the-way patch of dirt, dig a hole, fill the hole back in with the loosened soil, maybe mix in some mulch and some leaves, and then start tossing in your leftover organic waste. Every time you toss in an egg shell or the rest of that bag of lettuce that's gone bad, just turn over the dirt so that it's buried, and then let the soil and the worms do the rest. Oh, and sprinkle a bit of water in from time to time to really kick things up.

Now, I'm composting in a big storage bin I bought at Target. I drilled a bunch of drainage / aeration holes in the bottom of it, filled it up with dirt, mulch, leaves, etc...and am keeping the whole thing covered--to keep things shady, moist and, most importantly, to keep any potential stench under control. It's good to make sure you get a lot of friendly little earthworms tossed into the mix so that they can help aerate the soil even more. [Remember Oscar the Grouch's BFF Slimey? Lil earthworms are our friends.]

After a good bit of time adding raw, organic waste and turning over the dirt, you'll have your own, homemade batch of nutrient-rich soil to add to your garden or to your indoor, potted plants.



Chris said...

So you have worms in your apartment? Thats hot.

mikeeanthony said...

i have had long conversations with my brother and father about composting; it is as much art as science. keep me updated.

fiestascramble said...

no silly.. the bin is outside.

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