September 13, 2007

Gorilla Suits and Frozen Bananas Rule

I'm going to hang out with gorillas tonight at Ghetto Gloss (next to the Red Lion Tavern in Silver Lake). Details from their website:

Come by and go ape.
This Thursday, every Thursday.
Yep, we got a guy in a gorilla suit. We serve chocolate dipped frozen bananas.
We show ape related films on the outside of the building.
We serve a wicked spiked gorilla punch.
Come and browse the art gallery and the boutique late night.
We are open every Gorilla Thursday from 7P-Midnight!
Screening this Thursday, September 13:
Surprise underground gorilla film from the 70s!!

Who wants to go???

1 comment:

heidi said...

i do! (and did)