August 10, 2007

VIP at Forty Deuce

Burlesque shows are oh-so-popular these days. I'd heard of Forty Deuce, a trendy, pseudo strip club that features popular burlesque revues in Hollywood, but it wasn't really at the top of my list of places to go--nor was it at the bottom. But, when opportunity strikes, you gotta snag it and go along for the ride. So when Skinner told me a friend of hers could hook it up for us at the club on a Wednesday, which happened to be '80s rock night, Stalker and I climbed aboard.

When we arrived, we were whisked directly to a roped-off VIP section with plush, red-vinyl chairs and bottle service to boot. I promptly ordered my drink: Greygoose martini extra dirty. After about two sips, a security dude approaches Stalker and I and says: "Would you ladies mind moving up to the front row? We'll comp your next drinks." Uh...fuck yes! So, here we are, sitting in a $75-a-seat section (for free), in the front row, with top-shelf drinks in hand (also for free). The next thing we hear: "Just so you know, sometimes guests in these seats get kicked in the head by the dancers." Bring it.

There were two shows that night--same dancers, same '80s theme, different songs--with one drink-refueling intermission. The acts actually take place on top of the bar, with the dancers using jungle-gym equipment to move about the room (in the rafters, hanging off of curtains, sliding down poles, etc.) The outfits (or lack thereof) were themed to correspond with different familiar tunes, which were performed by a "live" rock band. (Essentially, two douchewads in leather pants would come out on stage and play air-guitar and air-bass. I immediately told the security guy that the douchewads were ruining the show. He took notes and might recast if management agrees. I'm not holding my breath.)

The night was totally fun. The universe has been fueling my world with interesting adventures lately... and I can't wait to see what I'll be up to next!

P.S. ~ One amusing nugget: I was introduced to some guy in the VIP section who promptly announced that he was the director of "24" and the upcoming series "Californication." I said, "I don't watch TV or movies. I read books and collect miniatures." That was the end of that conversation.


Cadien said...

Ha! You said "deuce." Also, I am glad you weren't kicked in ye olde noggin. Not sure how you've managed to avoid the maddening marketing blitz for either one of those shows, btw. A promotional wine gift bag with Duchovny on one side of it fell out of my newspaper this morning. Wine gift bag?

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