July 22, 2007

Stalker Hunter Skinner

We will find you. We will kill you. We will skin you. We will eat you. Ummm... That's so creepy, but I have two new roommates and the title of this post is our three last names. So, you tell me what it all means. Although disturbing when spelled out, it's also kinda cool if you think about it. I mean, in a "we were all meant to be roommates" kind of way. I just hope that loin cloths, spears and knives aren't involved. And, I'm really considering changing my last name to Gardener. :) Mr. Chips is keeping things ship-shape around the house, of course. And, I will be sure to post all of the forthcoming adventures of Stalker, Hunter and Skinner..........so stay tuned.


heidi said...

i think loin cloths make it more innocent. let's keep that part in.

Sara said...

Speaking of weird last names and groups of people. My mom's OB group when she was pregnant with me was called "Slaughter and Tripplett" - call me crazy but the instant I saw the plaque on the door I would have run!

But here I am safe, sound, and insane just like you :)