July 15, 2007

NEW! Flickr Photos

I just uploaded a bunch of new photos to my flickr page. Some are organized into sets, or albums, but most are sorta hodge-podge (sorry). I've been taking my new Canon digital everywhere (thanks Adam!), so check back often. You'll probably see some photos of YOU in there somewhere.

Nancy's Flickr Pics

Some top-rated photographed events include:
Trips to San Diego
The Levine Triplets Turn One
The Magic Castle
Miniature Shopping w/ The Peysars (BONUS: my first trip to El Pollo Loco)
Citysearch Mini Reunion
Disneyland 2007
SXSW 2007
The Dogs - Pig, Mr. Chips, Pig, Mr. Chips
4th of July 2007 Festivities
GarageBQ 2007
Merci's 30th Birthday
Summer Fests at Little Radio


capn mike said...

hey pickpocket...i think you missed some uploads, because i don't see half of the photos you mention...
--capn mike from the boathouse

fiestascramble said...

Yah - so... I guess the FREE flickr account only allows for 200 photos, so my dumbass has been ignoring this and uploading away, to no avail. I will either upgrade my account, or use another site w/ more bandwidth soon. Anyone have any suggestions? Yahoo photos?

HunterWelch said...

I've been trying to view some of the newer photos w/o luck ~~ now I know why.

Maybe selecting a few photos from each album would solve the problem.