July 19, 2007

The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra

I saw The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra for the first time last night at Bordello's, the recast of Little Pedro's Blue Bongo room downtown.

First, the venue: After having been to Little Pedro's countless times for Quizzo and other live-music events (the feisty blues singer Mickey Champion held a weekly slot there for quite a long stretch), I was amazed when I set foot inside Bordello's, which has transformed the bar into a gaudy brothel-themed space with creepy golden baby statues wearing crowns and gripping magical wands. But, even though some of the decor was disturbing, overall I enjoyed the new moodiness of the bar. And, I was excited to hear some new, live music--as always.

Now, the band: If you're as confused as I was about what the heck a "tourbillon" is, then check out this definition on Wikipedia. The group is a 5-piece with rad, blended girl-boy vocals. They have a really fun energy on stage and the music is really dancey. They played one Brian Eno and one David Byrne cover, but otherwise their set was all original and they sounded, as one fellow groupie said, "phenomenal." Oh, and they used old house lamps to light the stage, which is neat.

If you're interested in checking them out, they're playing at Tangier's next Wednesday, July 25 (flyer featured here). The lead guitarist might even let you snag his set list after the show. I know the guy. I'll get you the goods.


Cadien said...

Nice new format Hunty! I'd like to point out that a tourbillion is apparently some sort of complicated device having to do with time. Just sayin.' Love to the Doc.

Cadien said...

I spelled it wrong. Not cool. TOURBILLON. I also forgot some commas. Sheesh. Commenting is stressful.

Satisfied '75 said...

cadien never comments on my blog. evah.