June 26, 2007

LCD Soundsystem - "Someone Great"

I heard this song on Indie 103.1 last week, as I was driving home from a rad band practice with The Faraway Places--the group I play clarinet with. I heard the announcer rattle off the group (which I remembered) and the song title (which I didn't remember) and figured it was going to be a sweet sonic nugget lost in the ether... until today. A coworker mentioned having a similar LCD Soundsystem experience recently, so the two of us went searching online until we found our respective nugs.

This is my nug of the day:
Someone Great

And, on a related note, I just heard that LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire are doubling up for a Hollywood Bowl show in September, so I'm gonna have to snag tickets. The last time I saw Arcade Fire at the Bowl was with David Byrne headlining and it ruled. Also - my friend Mike Anthony yelled at a bird swirling above the crowd, which is always neat. Take a listen!

1 comment:

Michael Anthony said...

That bird deserved it...sheesh..just swirling above while we're trying to enjoy the show... I can't wait for tonight!!!!