March 29, 2007

Spiders, Ice Skates and Edible Busts

Before I woke up... My brother and my cousin Ryan asked me to go to this crazy trance / goth club with them. The entryway was filled with spiders scurrying across the floor (I hate spiders), but I decided to tip-toe through them to at least take a peek inside the club. Once I slipped past the door-woman, I pushed open the door. The inside glowed with a blue, up-lit ice floor. Everyone was ice skating and slicing spiders in half with their skates, since the floor inside was as spider-populated as the entryway. Honestly, I got creeped out and didn't even bother looking for my brother and cousin. Instead, I decided to head to this bar that was connected to the club (no spiders in sight). The weird thing about this bar, though, was that you could order edible busts of celebrities, psuedo-celebrities and just strange-looking commonfolk. I purchased two of them (for a total of $80) and started noshing on some random-dude's cookie-tasting head. I remember it tasted great, but I started to feel sour about spending $80. So, I did something slick with receipt so that when I went to return the second, untouched edible bust, they refunded me $60--making the one that was already half-eaten a mere $20. ... then I woke up.

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kool kid said...

I love that you managed to tidy up your spider-infested, pseudocelebrity bust-noshing tale with a frugal ending. Viva, H.!