March 30, 2007

Pass the Collections Plate

What motivates people to collect things? I've always been a sentimental pack rat. But, it's true. I save things. For example, the bright green comb I use to part my hair every morning was given to me by Danny Beha at my 4th (I think) birthday party. My brother and I were bathed as babies in the yellow tub I now use to clean out my turtle pond. The kitchen towels I use to dry my dishes were embroidered by my grandma. I guess I just like to surround myself with fond memories and with things that remind me of the people that I love. I've also noticed that I like to add meaning to things by replicating them or collecting them so that there are multiples of things that I think are cool. I mean, in the past, I've collected bottle caps, stamps, porcelin figurines, charms, garbage pail kids, stickers (when I was a kid), and records and such when I got a bit older. But now, at age 29, the collecting has reached an all-time, obsessive high. I am now actively collecting the following:

* retro dollhouse furniture (so that I can have funny little rooms inside all of the rooms in my house)
re-ment miniatures (japanese-styled mini replicas of everyday items). (They also started a US branch)
* HO-scale train stuff
* Star Wars micro-machines

Do you notice a theme? MINIATURES! I also think things that are oversized are cool too (I have a giant comb and a giant pencil), but pursuing that hobby could get out of hand really quickly as far as space. :) I'm hoping at some point I can connect the dots between all of the above and incorporate everything into a miniature world, complete with landscaping and cool details. It will be a mini empire. And I will be the ruler of the land. I will be special.

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kool kid said...

I totally hear you with the packratism. Attaching emotions to scraps of paper and blades of grass, etc. (Yes, I have saved grass.), seems to come naturally to crazies like us. You lose me, however, with words like "HO-scale train stuff." Via con Dios, H.