December 30, 2006

Blah Blah Blah Sheep

This is my first blog entry. I have been reading blogs for quite some time, but, as a wordsmith by trade, I never felt the need to blog. Now, my job has become much more meetings-and-coffee filled, and writing is starting to sound fun again--a familiar scratchy itch. This is what I hope to accomplish in this space, as often as I can:
  • Blog Dreams: I have A LOT of strange, vivid dreams that I'd like to nail down before they disappear (like the one where Harrison Ford and I were swimming through the aisles at a local grocery store, slipped into a vortex, and found ourselves amid a raging party--Harrison luckily brought a 12-er of Coors Light with him)
  • Blog Epiphanies: I have A LOT of great ideas that also like to melt away (for example, it struck me the other day that I've always wanted to shimmy through an air duct)
  • Blog Bio: I'd like to occasionally jot down stories and memories about ME, so that those interested can know me once I'm gone (I've been encouraging my parents to do this, at ages 66 and 67, so I figure I should start now--as I enter into my 30th year)
  • Share, Share, Share: I love reading about cool DIY projects and recipes and hidden pathways and adventures, so I'm going to share mine in the hopes that someone else out there loves it too